A potential sponsor of Wamathai.com & Wamathai Spoken Word would like readers of the blog & attendees of the event to fill out this SURVEY. We at wamathai.com would really appreciate it if you fill it and it will help us make the blog & the event better.. I did a test run & it took me 5 minutes, i know it will take you less time to do it :)..


By filling & submitting this survey you have a chance of winning a Fluid Tees Limited Edition T-Shirt like the one (retailing at Kshs. 500). If you are on facebook post on Wamathai’s fan page that you have completed the survey & if you are on twitter tweet that you have completed the survey & tag it #WamathaiS. Winners will be announced on Friday at 1200 hours. The raffle will be moderated by Mwirigi & Joliea