In my imagination, we are the product of desire.
In my understanding, we are in ourselves a physical manifestation of a fantasy.
And what a fantasy, and what a mind!
That it should dream with such clarity, such spontaneity, such intensity, such significance!
And it feels to me like the world in its entire array,
To the best of our observation and limited understanding,
It feels like the creator could scarcely contain himself.
In fact I bet he didn’t!
It feels like the fantasy was to put on a display of his dream in any format, in every shape, in every place, on every single plane.
The plan?
To express his highest, deepest, widest everything.
To burst forth and place himself in every nook and every cranny,
In every visible and every invisible way.
What a rush!
I can imagine the creator spewing forth colors, ideas, fragrance and spices.
I imagine the creator devising dualities- East and West, the present and the absent, the mighty and the lame, the sinner and the saint,
Every strength unique and every vice in deed.
I wonder
What a mind that would so seamlessly bend the profound, then twist it with the profane.

You and I are the highest expression of desire
And this is why we belong here, in this place, in our skin, in our present circumstance.
And this is my connection to the whole universe
This is how I am the bird that flies, the fish in the water, the grass on the earth, the wind and the sky, the ant and the worm in the earth.
Because each element, each particle, each person, each moment, each flavour, each of the
Seen and unseen is a fragment of the divine desire.
Because of desire, we are all the extension of the brilliant creator and in so doing, the creator and the created are eternally bonded.
This is my answer to why we are here.
If you ask me who I am,
I will tell you I am desire,
And in equal measure, I am desired by you, by him, by me!
This is why I fit, and that’s where I belong.
I am a shining sparkle in the vast tapestry of life.

We are the evidence,
The absolute proof that dreams come true,
That faith produces that which is imagined.
That in the process of creating he become the creator
And that now the created contain that very same essence.
Not like it. But are it!
That very essence, and so we too are the creator.

So then, Dear universe, bless our desires.
Teach us to guard jealously our dreams,
To fuel them unrelentingly,
To wish upon them,
Hope for their realization,
Wait upon their arrival in complete trust,
As an expecting woman eagerly waits to see her child.
Allow us to embrace our desires fully, and completely, and totally.
Help us enjoy them in the privacy of our mind,
And express them confidently and sincerely when in a congregation of people.
Please even when what we desire seems trivial,
Or too grand, or too perfect, inspire us with possibility, and love.
Remind us constantly that if there is a chance that it could come true, then it probably will.
Allow us to be courageous,
To be witty and to have fun in the pursuit of our desires.
As only YOU the creator will allow us to.

© ami jasho