This heart of mine, once it fell, fell in love.
And now, it’s falling, falling out of love.
And it hurts how it hurts and the pain, the pain doesn’t end.
These tears, oh the tears, I can’t quench flow.
This little heart fell in,
And now it’s falling’ out of the curse of love but it hurts.
Oh how it hurts!

© teri Raphael

I never really figured in your equation
I was just somebody helping you pass the time
I started catching feeling for you all so major
I was falling deeper and deeper in love with you
But you, did not want my love…you did not need my love
Knocked me to the ground…with that your velvet glove…
the curse of love…oh how it hurts

© mike kwambo

This pain, these tears that rain
This rock bottom as I miss my cocaine…
This love that seemed to be sent from above,
This love now an emotional push and shove…
This life, this strife,
The one I should have called my wife now an emotional knife to my life…

© jemedari

An emotional knife to my life,
The incision stings but I smile at the pain,
I’ve grown to love, Love,
And all that it brings,
So I sing,
Under the stare of the moon,
Join me and let’s laugh at my gloom..
For I see a new dawn,
After the darkest of nights,
So good morning to you,
Let’s bask in the glow…

© checkmate

Let’s bask in the glow
at least for now
bask in the joys and beauties
For the moments that flow
for tomorrow is at the horizon
And what awaits us at that row
good or bad it will make us grow

© namatsi lukoye

Make us grow, sing on,
Our death is slow
but then i see the light,
In lights of angles fade,
in fate we whisper we’ll be saved,
In suicides embrace..
Place the roses in my grave
For when i once was placed,
for now my soul roams in fences dark,
For when my love disgraced..

© achieng odhiambo

And yet I’m still amazed
At how what we called L.O.V.E
Could rip apart so easy,
Now my heart’s locked up like Wheezy..
It’s spooky how I’m dead inside,
Just call me Jane D.O. Eerie

© wanjeri gakuru

And I admit as bad for me as she may be
Indeed, I want her to be with me
and for or from her no matter-
she is the cause that I bleed

© Kevin ‘Man Njoro’ Waithaka