Everytime she fell in love
It was always with wrong kind,
Too tall, too short, too fat, too thin
Too dark, too light wasn’t the issue

She gives her all, only for them
To stumble on,
Darkness fell when she cried,
Dawn broke while still crying.

She prays constantly but in vain,
She asks God why but no answer,
She lives a life of loneliness,
Pursuing what she knows best but NOTHING
Seems to take the pain off her,

Her life is like a routine,
Man after man but no happiness,
Books bought, talk Show watched NOTHING,

She was blessed with everything,
Physique, intelligence you name it,
She has it all,
It’s like she has an aroma of ‘badness’,
When it comes to relationships,

She chooses the finest things in life,
Her jewelry, her make up, her walk and all,
Said she was a woman and more,
The perfume she wears only her pockets know

Successful men want her,
But fear of what she has, overcomes them,
If only she could find him,
Him that is fitted for her

© catherine nzissi