If shilling bring feeling to my palm today then,
Tomorrow I’ll buy you heaven,
And let angels audience my fete,
Forgive my intrusion my voice bid,
In echoes,
Running ever toward, though away from the change that the future wombs..

For I hold a present too dear to let go,
The past beckoned to let know,
For demons sang me to sleep but now they sing no longer,
Chased by a kiss to the cheek and a hug over the shoulder,
I speak what no whisper gave away,
With a tongue cowered by what the brave would say,
Or should….

If shilling give feeling to my heart today then,
With you as aurora in the air of my presence,
I would trade sentence with the finest and deep pocketed,
And prayer would be to keep protected,
The dance in me, when eye meet eye,
Distance executed, lip to lip, and but once temples do touch,
Bringing a feeling exaggerated; pebbles do crush!
This is my betrayal.

© Checkmate (His twitter)