So as a rapper who moonlights as a poet, I meet many poetry fans and enthusiasts. Guys who do not necessarily love my poetry but they respect the whole art as an entity. So in comes the question of the “open mic model”. Here, we meet 3 very distinct people. There are writers, performers and readers. The whole idea is great at the exposure of talent but at the same time, it kills the beauty of the art! For there are good writers who are not good performers. There are lovely performers who can’t write to save their own lives! And there are others who come to the events to see just how many lunatics can come together and create a forum for themselves. I say this for every art form is indeed, a form of lunacy.

So I congratulate all who have done and are organizing open mics. But I also send out a cry… Lets help each other grow! On behalf of the writer who has the best piece but can’t recite it. On behalf of the dope performer who needs material. Let’s grow the art from within and let’s keep it real! In part 2 of this article, we shall tackle “The Commercialization of Poetry”.

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