In a hurrying and harried city
Where dead eyes shy away
Globes hanging on dead pan orbs
Running daily from yesterday
But killing today to see tomorrow
Aghast faces avoiding the ghastly shadows
But still ducking into the same shadows
Like moths driven by deadly fate

I walk,
In a sea of dead dreams
Still-born hopes of a dainty dawn
Unstirred from these interred souls
And like those ghastly shadows
They cling to us, unrelenting
Dragging us into festering pools
Where sadness drips in showers
And choleric, we hurry again
Now rushing away to new pains
And the yoke of this poor destiny
We pause not to break
As we turn corners,
To meet the same shadows
As we rush past lights,
To drink the rotten gusts
I walked…but now I run
Pulled by this force of destiny
In this city of mine…

© chrispus kimaru