Water flows and wind blows
Memories flow and nothing can blow
That moment of metamorphosis
Kept in the doldrums
Thought was chasing mirage
But it was real
Yes, that dreaded lump!

Tiny, tangible, mobile and painless
Paid less attention
Day and night it grew
Painful and static, raising eyebrows
Scared and ashamed to share
Ignorance played tricks
On expense of life.

Tides high and waves rising
Endangered species barricades
Like caged animal in capsizing boat
With the notion; survival is only for the fittest
Stand tall call for SOS
Amputate and fumigate the lump
For future is still blazing.

After all said and done
Ain’t we sick and tired to see
Avalanche breaking loose
And lives slipping away?
Keep vigil to that blizzard
Make hay while the sun shines
The immortal way of the living.

Tighten seat belts
It’s time for crackdown
The lump must slow down
And even take a bow
For it is heading for a breakdown
With no break through
Hence go down the drain.

© nancy mutindi

*** This poem is in support of the Breast cancer awareness month