I look at this your other
That in your absence plays you
Filling the biting hollow of absence
And conjuring a familiarity unreal
I trace my shaking finger over ‘you’
Like an explorer over a hazy map
And each contour unburies an urge
Hidden under the sad veil of longing;
Look at these smoothly curved bulges
Like ripe mangoes awaiting harvest
Their feathery feel visible even by the eye
And this lovely dip, parted like the red sea
When old man Moses waved his wad
My face yearns therein to forever snuggle
But i journey south and to a cusp i anchor
A tip pointed like an evening star’s edge
And my lips tingle as the memories itch
For here i daily nourished my brittle bones
Though today you are a sore battlefield
Where my finger and lips daily spur
Wishing your bed to conquer!

But now I sing in anger
For a stranger lurks
Daring your beauty to snatch
But I will stay in guard
And swear you are mine.

© chrispus kimaru

*** This poem is in support of the Breast cancer awareness month