Today we start happily ever after
Dedicate the rest of our lives to dancing to each others laughter
Learn how to make each other better
For in all the ones I have met you have been the tread setter
Each step of the way been my protector
Even when my peace of mind is all helter skelter
You get me in tune with my center
So in this commitment I enter
Coz am in love with your nature
From your structure to your posture
The way you smile on a picture
Your knowledge of your culture
You are encoded in my signature
Inscribed in my scriptures
The heart in my sculpture
Thoughts of seeing you sends me into raptures
I have had my good share of adventure
Mellowed in leisure
In all that found that you and I are my perfect mixture
So today I say I do to you in full measure
You are all I see in my future
I wanna share with you my pain and pleasure
Its your children I wanna nurture
Teach how to smile, talk and gesture
Yes! Even in pain, sickness and death you will be my treasure

© Immah