In the road: the bleary road,
Walks one carrying a heavy load,
One: a son-a daughter of man,
One embracing the culture to learn.

Outside the wind blows,
Swaying one this way and that in our unending wars,
Praying hard praying well,
That life’s problems would turn to a fairy tale.

Tears roll down ones cheek,
Embracing burdens so meek,
Tired of crying, tired of failing,
Failing in life leading to one’s wailing

Wailing in life’s’ woes,
woes-troubles-problems of laws,
Laws that emblem our daily lives,
Lives of trouble all cutting like sharp knives

This walk should not be alone,
Should not be left to die and atone,
Alone for life of sadness,
A life of no happiness.

People are around you,
Ready to embrace all you do,
Ready to help in your toil,
Ready to aid you in their loving foil.

None is to be left a lone soul,
We all depend on each other in life’s’ goal,
To lead each other to the ultimate end,
And a helping hand forever lend.

Down the road, let the road have light,
At the end of a road looking so bright,
With a smile-with laughter-with joy,
Walking-walking with one not alone and not a ploy.

© drew maina

*** THis poem is in support of the Breast Cancer Awareness month