His charismatic fingers feeling up the rice and beans
I cooked
he offers me promise
i imagine coconut filled dreams
Making up the seeds of the beginning
of magic
some supernatural enchantment takes me over
I get grand illusions
An overwhelming desire to make him
part of my empire
to conquer the world and name him my sire
my elevated character squire
I laugh softly
I begin, slowly
creating another totally different character to mimic his nature
For me his oneness with the creator is the opening of my eye
To the greatness that is within all of us
My devotion to his grandeur lives within his balding head
Loving his unnatural attention to detail
And with his hands inside mine we lay side by side
On his bed
Always his bed never mine
always Dreaming
Him of our future and me of chocolate cake and digestives
Sorry I digress… as we sit
This new character unfolds
Created by a lack of divorce and a old breakup
This second character asks me to be part of him,
Promise me; he whispers
Urgently, forcefully, lovingly, finally gently
Promise me; promise me that you will be my promised!
how I say no to this plea from a new lover?
This new heartbreaker of my old tired heart pleases me
my cold embrace has never had enough of his newness
it seems we manage to find love even in the coldest
parking spaces and empty fields
he breathes desire into my lackluster dress and awakens my moans
only startling cows and backwards asses..
we continue on promising to never fall in love with less than desire
keeping open paths to more than devotion, adoration
him buying me with horrible red roses
and I with white tobelerone and stupid nude poses

© ami jasho