I am convinced beyond the obvious
that I should pen no biography
neither should you write one for me
my conscience stubbornly believes
that I need none
for even if one is written
it will only reflect a portion of my life
for there is life after death
a longer one
either in heaven or hell
and that too will fight for a share
in my contentious biography

certainly it will deceive the younger generation
for it will divert them from their childhood dreams
and start following my crooked ways
the ways I never wished myself
it will deceive a teenager from being a lawyer
and drive him to an under paid poet
it will deceive a girl and make her miss the adventurers of being an air hostess
and sail her to less appreciated career of an actress
I am not fit to be a role model
I am not ready to mentor anyone to those ways
it will be a sin with no amnesty
so my dear competitors in poetry
spare me any biography

© wilson manyuira