For the union of minds
Exchange of hearts
Bonding of souls

In my heart all that i got is you
And every beat reminds me of you
Of the times we’ve been together
Of the memories we’ve shared and want to relive
The pain we bore and the atrocities of life

I remember the days when my shadow would walk,
beside me on the lonely streets
The days i was afraid to lean
because i would definitely topple
The times i wished someone would find me
because i was without you
The times when i was cold and empty inside,
as if i lived not

Not anymore, those days are gone
You are now here with me and for me
And there’s that look you give me that drives a lot into me,
That look that gives me strength to carry on
even when am exhausted and want to quit,
Sweetheart, you are that sugar fix
that relieves me when i get those sugar rushes that make you anxious…

© Nakoli Maloba