Amidst my industrious mind
I still think of you most of the time.
Which, I don’t mind.
Feeling my mind with dreams and desires.

You don’t call and I feel
Like I am running mad.
You stay away from my sight
For just a day,
It seems a century

I am hypnotized by you
Name it and it’s done.
Shed a tear, I’ll mourn.
Smile and I’ll merry.

My castle is with you
I trust my strength
My fears and future
With the safety of your heart

The friend I’ll never get.
The love I’ve never felt.
The peace I thirst for,
After a hustling day.
The hope in my blue days.

My babe,
I think I am in love with you!

I long to hold your tender hands,
To feel your warm hug,
Get that bye kiss,
Only moments after seeing you off.
With you, day and night are all the same.
Time forgets our paths.

I love to listen while you talk,
Shelter you from the rain,
Listen to your angelic voice sing.
Be an audience to your dance moves,
As you aim to become a better dancer.

Love to see you cheer a good presentation.
To a bad one, you definitely boo.

I love your self confidence and determination
Even when hardest hit.
You simply never give up!
In short, a go getter.

You also know how to differentiate
What you must make happen,
When to wait on Gods provision,
Most important, accept what you can’t.
You are so deep!

See, Babe,
For all this and more,
I think I’m in love with you.
So I choose you.

© sarah n.