Poverty your closest friend
Failure the shadow around you.
Diseases ever at your door step
Friends and family were but a memory.

Mary, do you remember?
How I picked you up
And lifted you up, up, up!

How you now mingle with the nobles,
Feast with the kings,
And their children are subject to you.

See; see how you have your head lifted.
How you go about haughty
To the very soul
That saw you sow.
Even though with no wings.
That saw you glow
In you bleak fall
Success in fail

Mary, how easy you forget.
I gave you my all
For you to have it all.
How I paid the hefty price
That cost my life.
To have you free,
Free indeed!

Where are you?
My beloved.
The apple of my eye.

My heart still longs for you
Still look upon that day
When you will come back home
Just as the prodigal son

Like his father, I will embrace you.
For your return is the healing of my heart.
Come back home.
Come back to your Father.
Come back I beckon you.

© sarah n.