The lights go out,
Breathing becomes heavier
Short shallow breaths
Hearts begins to proud loud and hard…
Eyes open wide
Futile attempts to see
Images begin to form right in front of you,
Scary images
Blurred, shaky and looming images
you swallow hard
Feel a heavy mass stuck down your throat
The wind seemingly begins to howl
Brushing your hair back and forth
Air gushes through your body
Goosebumps spread all over your body
Nipples harden and become rigid
You start to pick up sounds
As if something is moving near you
As if someone is advancing towards you
Your heart palpitates even harder as if to
rapture your chest cavity
As your body quivers
Teeth clatter, knees feel like rubber and weaken
You try to move but to no avail
Rooted to the spot, sweaty all over
Open your mouth to scream, throat dries up
Scuffling about unsuccessfully
You give in, tears roll down your cheeks
The lights come back on and sigh all your fears are cast away…

© Nakoli Maloba