I want to revisit the milky way
to soar in the aurora borealis
i want that roller coaster ride
that had me screaming days after
i want to skim through the clouds…beyond
and maybe return with the famed drops of Jupiter
i want to forget my name
and call yours only
i need to escape my reality
and get lost in my real fantasy
take me back where only you and i go
where the beats of our hearts
are all we hear
that place that numbs all my fear and shame
where every moment is worth a million
a million lifetimes i mean
where cocoons break into beauty every second
take me to my private field of daffodils
so i can run through it nude
i want to go to fantasia,
where pigs fly in a backstroke
where I’m queen and you my crown
take me fleeting away..
take me in your arms again….

© Vickie zosi