love me for being me
and not for any other reason
love me for my love
and understand I’m here for you
love me not for what i can give you
but for who you are when you’re with me
love me not for what i can make you
but for the mere fact that you love to love me
love me because you feel empty otherwise
not because you have no otherwise
love me because i make your blue days bright
not because i scream your name with such might
love me because it feels right
and because your heart knows no better
love me for you need no reason to
and deep inside you know you just do
love me because it sets you free
for you’re at your best when with me
love me because you’d die if you don’t
for when with me you put up no front
love me for you want out of your cocoon
and like a spring flower I’ll make you bloom
love me and feel fresh as the rain
and be free of all hurt and pain
love me for my sides good and bad
love me for I’ll never make you sad
love me for being me
and for no other reason
love me through my seasons
love me…

© Vickie zosi