18 years old with
a heart of gold
The world so cold
A shivering soul
Behold the untold
History I must uphold
This tale I must unfold
We’re bold
The stronghold
Black and young we’re told
To stay enrolled in schools
Yet we’re taken as fools
So I remain blindfold
A mole to the white cause
The chance that I succeed is an awe
Living behind bars
I guess my color is against the law
So I struggle to climb
I fight to survive
Claws in my back
Wrath from my jaws

Sour, enraged, revoked
Heart broke
So much anger got me near having a stroke
But outspoken
Temporary cure; bourbon
the wars, genocide
As you remain blind
I grind
Freedom struggles to thrive
The will
Better dead than alive
I don’t won a survive

Kneel at the altar
Watch me wither
Liquor defined
Behind Author
Through my pride pierced a dagger
In fear I stood pretender
This is just armor
I stand an actor
But now Bitter
Now warrior
Frontline soldier
No matter the battle
Sore I’d never falter
This is a cultures endeavor
I, Torch bearer
Remember me here after
Warrior, soldier, we the freedom carriers

© George Wacu