I have tried to fathom
I am trying to ponder
I just cannot get it
All I know I am scared

The thought of it
Fills me with fear galore
With every tear
I just can’t understand

I think of them hacking
I think of them torturing
I think of them raping
I think of burning

How could they be so cruel?
How so inhuman?
How so inconsiderate?
To end their life like that

The thought of dozing off
Suddenly cut short by the fear
The thought of a tomorrow
Seems just far like a solar eclipse
I try to close my eyes
I can only see it happen
I see the blood trickle
I hear the shouts and screams

The peace of a quiet night
Has now turned into a scary ghost
The terror is all over their face
The terror of the death
The terror of the killers amongst them

When shall we find peace?
What do they really want?
How much blood will they pour?
Is all I ask?
Just let us know
Let them know
Stop creating a nightmare
Just let there be peace

Dedicated to all Kenyans……………This is the aftermath of tribalism and hatred. LET THERE BE PEACE.

© Christine Njeri