I will not walk around shirtless,
Its cold,
I do not have a perfectly chiseled body,
I’m chubby,
I will not burst into tears every 10 minutes,
I can contain my emotions
I will not tell you I love you every 5 minutes,
I will tell you daily though
I do not live in a large house,
We can share my apartment
I don’t drive a fancy sports car,
Or a horse, shirtless,
I have a corolla with a roof and cloth seats
I do not have an evil mother,
Nor do I have a flirtatious father,
My parents are caring teachers
I will not romance you in a field of flowers,
I’m allergic to pollen and my bed’s comfy enough
Instead my dear,
I will love you,
Like any sane man from Africa,
No big gestures,
Or fairy tale happy ending,
But with all my heart, never ending.

© Wilf