The demons cut off half my tongue
So I would speak only half the words
And be mortified to open
My mouth before people
The demons cut off half my tongue
And left me for dumb
My silence brewed a million words
All rolling off the tip of half my tongue
And then half my tongue,
Enraged by a million unspoken words,
Shoved them through my lips.
Half my tongue
Only speaks half a sentence
But half a sentence is all I need
To express all of myself
And half a tongue is all I need
To speak all of my soul.
Half my tongue can speak in tongues.
Half my tongue,
Embalmed by its own dead weight
Exorcises the demons of my past
Refuses to be bonded
Slips through their dumb clutch
Now half my tongue
When speaking in tongues
Speaks my mother’s tongue
And only half of mine.

© claudette odour