Couldn’t decide whether to smile or cry

My smiley tears, the begin of my misery

Allowing the loud music

To synchronize with my pulse….

Your kiss sent a chill down my spine

I told u no, u figured I was a virgin…

Still we kissed and touched

The tequila moving faster in my blood

A look into the sky and suddenly

I had it all figured out

Knowing you were not right for my innocence

Still, I knew I was ready,

A burning desire to reach ecstasy with you…

Knowing I had nothing to prove…

Not long was it till I found the person

I thought fit for my purity,

His nerve wrecking touch

Filled my fragile body with fear,

I did seek comfort in my favorite song,

He engaged passionately

His touch like silk on my skin, manly, kind, gentle

Sweat beaded on my skin

I listened to my heartbeat

Soon enough it was all over.
I was ready to seek a mind blowing experience,

I walked right into your arms

The kiss felt just like on the dance floor,

You knew not the betrayal

I felt no guilt,

You asked me to stay

And without hesitation I kissed u right back….

I made it through the night

Making my lie your truth

You put me on a pedestal

Seeing my innocence, beauty, charm,

Turning your head on the fact that I was human

The skies hold my secret

It was mine to choose

And so I live in no regret

I was only 21, full of life and adventure

You weren’t exactly a part of the act…

I feel no pain, no shame

I won’t run coz for me it felt right…

You didn’t deserve my innocence

Sorry I have to fake it.

Signed, pretty poison.

© linda njeri