I’m a grown up woman but a girl again
It’s been like this since I can remember when
Your questioning and answering
You’re always talking to me like I can’t relate
When all I want to do is to communicate

All I needs is a little bit of space to breathe
A little bit of freedom to be who I want to be
Let me be me

love means learning to let me go and spread my wings
You let me grow and live life
You gotta let me be
Let me be me

You try to teach me lessons not to suffocate
Always setting goals that i don’t wanna make
And i’m tired of it, sick and tired of it
And it feels just like we’re on a one way street
It’s only half where we gotta meet,
We gotta make it back

I look at the pictures of me and you we’re smiling
tell me what happened to the times when
we understood each other

let me be me
you gotta let me be

© ej