…And as a cloth they stitched him.
Now she stands there looking like the victim.
But lets pull back to what hitched him
to the point she nicked him…

She said she was in pain
at the fact that the whole fiasco was in vain.
And all her effort had gone to dust like the rain.
But she was finally done with the chains
and was going to take her life by the reins.
Added that HE was the pain.
He smiled…

And that the sex was not extraordinary, she lied.
And after her first two orgasms, it died.
It wasn’t the best, it was just good.
And it ‘didn’t do it for her’ when he went ‘under the hood’.
And she was just being polite about his manhood.
And he had no idea about acting as a man should.
Said that ‘baby’ was reflective of her attitude,
as it reminded her of his childish latitude.
He needed to grow up!
He smiled…

He was too irresponsible to hold a job,
picking up hobbies like a junkie Spongebob.
Went to school but that’s alright.
Its just a phase for he was never that bright.
She says the ‘intellectual talk’ was cool shit.
But only for a time then it became bullshit!
He was not all that and would never be.
A failure is what he was, but could never see!
He smiled…

She hated his music and poetry,
said it lacked skill and floe-try.
Of course the crowd tells you ‘you’re the best’ for free.
But that was a fact she begs to disagree.
She says its an illusion – that shit about talent.
Fallacy for he believes in something he hasn’t!
She says his lack of growth is apparent.
And she thinks its shameful that he’s still getting schooled by his parents (goddamn!)
He still smiled…

Her words burnt mental scars like a laser.
Her words left him stunned like a tazer.
Destruction was her goal and none could faze her.
Even as he let his guard down and felt that razor!
But still, he smiled…

© jemedari