Breath easy, ma’am

as I
Dispel the little freak-asies
that do
linger on your flawless soul

Twilight’s such a twat contraption
of teenage fuckacy!

Andrew’s vampirish appeal
and feline fangs
Will sink on your snow white nape
and drill spasms of morbid ecstasy?

Just a sugar rash
of un-weaned imagination!

That Swan’s peck
will morph you
into an Ivory queen
Glassy-eyed lass
With pristine eye-lashes
thats pure bald-dashes!

C’mon, Ma’am
Do hold my littlest finger
and lets strut
to a side,
devoid smoky nights,
scared crows –
grave-yards with a deathly hue

No fickle twists,
skeleton twig-trees submerged in ghostly mists
it’s devoid vain, vein ventures

For starters, tweetheart
My twilight
is twice-lit…

© felix mind