I want very simple things
I want to understand you
I want to you to hear me out
I want we cherish each other
I want more time for us
I want you near me
I want to hear your heartbeat
I want to spend a silent moment with you
I want when I look in your eyes
I see my reflection in there
I want your reassurance
I want to have you close to me
I want that no matter the distance
For me you are just an eye blink away
I want to laugh with you
I want you to dry my tears
I want you shoulder to lean on
I want to give you all my love
I want to tell you all my secrets
I want to be with you
I want to be the only one
Give me the assurance
Give me the promise
We will fight through thick and thin
We will be together forever
And not a soul shall separate us.

© Christine Njeri