If I were a musician in Kenya I would:

1. Grow dreadlocks with a receding hairline like Nameless
2. Sell out when another better opportunity comes along like Didge.
3. Become successful and gain weight like Nonini.
4. Emigrate to the US like Nyashinsky..
5. Smoke weed and then deny it in interviews like a certain female Mc.
6. Represent my neighbourhood like Juacali.

7. Be controversial like Bamboo
8. Start my music career while in my thirties like Circuite
9. Wear bling and floss like Prezzo
10. Help launch my girlfriend’s career like Mustapha.
11. Use a diss song to make a comeback like Klepto.
12. Be in two music groups and also have a solo career like Wyre.
13. Be a one hit wonder like Meg C.

© james wamathai