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I’ve finally figured out how to describe it,
How i feel when you leave for a trip,
When you come home late and i expected you in by eight,

Its not that am worried about you getting home safe,
Or that you might meet someone who’ll take my place,
Its just…
Well let me describe it.

Its just like jumping in a pool and i can’t swim,
And when my body is in the water i can’t tell up from down,
I can’t breathe or hold my breathe like a pro,
I can’t save myself,
I’m drowning here.

Sooner or later,
My body is going to run out of air,
And am taking in water already,
Pretty soon,
My lungs are going to fail me,
And even you can’t save me,
I’m drowning here

© wacu Mureithi (Read her work here)