You laughed at me when I was broke
You stopped talking to me
When I wore torn and tattered clothes
And discoloured shoes

When your friends came calling
You’d send me to the fields or to shop
Because I would shame you
Before your important guests

When I was hospitalized you didn’t bother
To know how I was fairing on
Neither did you bother to console me

You despised me
Because of my religion
You couldn’t understand
Why my God was so conservative
And didn’t flair with fashion

My family were a despise
Because they couldn’t speak
Your language
Or twang’d
And oh, we are all ebony dark!

When all hope in life was lost
You encouraged me
To take a rope
And head to the nearest tree

I only became your darling
A hero, a sweetheart and a dear
When the month was almost ending

Don’t you remember …
Kicking me out of your home
In the rain?

I persevered,
Cried until I couldn’t
Until I got lifted
But those who trust in Him
Will never live and die in hopelessness

Don’t come begging me
I don’t take leftovers
For when I was down
You stepped more on my fragile toes
And spat on me
Now… for peace treaty
Get off my face!

© mburu kamau