That Feeling
Ever had that feeling that you are not enough?
Not enough for anyone or anything?
Not good enough? Not fast enough? Not skilled enough?
Ever felt like this? Know what it does to you?

Ever had that feeling that you are just average?
Plain simple, not like others, yet like the majority?
Boring, naïve, all those things labelled ‘average’?
Ever felt like this? Know what it does to you?

Do you understand how or why these feelings come?
Do you sometimes wish they never existed?
Or that they even didn’t have words to describe them?
Ever understood that? Or wished it perhaps?

I have. Its not a good place to be, and you know this.
How you do? You ask. I’m pretty sure that’s rhetoric.
Rhetoric in the sense that it simply has no answer.
I have. And I know you know its not a nice thing.

But I did something about it. Something that people don’t do.
People just wallow in it. They don’t do something.
I dealt with it. Rose above it.
I did something about it, and that something did it for me.

I am better than this, I told myself. That was comforting.
It was uplifting, inspiring, strengthening, add more if you like.
It did it for me, I said. I rose above it.
I am better than this, why of course! I am better!

When that feeling comes, deal with it. I know I did.
It wasn’t easy, it never is and will never be. I ain’t no expert.
This wasn’t the first time. But I share it in this way.
I ain’t no expert, but I sure am the expert of me

© Barbra Jolie (Read her blog here)