A Monologue

“Look at me! Look into these eyes Danny boy, these eyes that have seen you in every way! I have been in this house day in day out taking care of your children, while I allow you to go out there and live your dream, I have been a supportive wife, Danny, for 5 fucking years, Lord knows I have been a good wife. And now just because my ass isn’t tight anymore, and YOUR kids that I carried for 9 months have made my stomach a bit wobbly you think you can sit there and tell me that you think this isn’t working anymore?

What? Now you think you’re too good for me? Remember when I met you Danny boy? Remember how lost you were getting in all sorts of trouble with that group of riffraff you hang with? You were almost dead Danny boy. Dead with despair and hopelessness. Nobody loved you your whole life Danny boy. Nobody showed you that you were worth something until I came along. And I loved you from the first moment I lay my eyes on you. Even when you pretended to be a hard man Danny boy, I saw the sadness in your eyes. I saw the sweetness and the yearning that you tried to hide and I knew you needed me. And I have loved you with all your faults for five fucking years.

But now you think cos you wear them fancy clothes and go to fancy restaurants with those leeches you call your friends, who would cheat you and steal from you if you turned your back for a minute then now I am beneath you? I got news for you Danny boy, you might have hidden behind the glitter and the shine, but I know you Danny boy. I know what you carry inside you. I know what you’re capable of. I seen in your soul and it’s a mirror of my own. So don’t you go thinking that just because the world now smiles at you that you are one of them? Me and you Danny boy, we two of a kind. We the only two people in the world who can understand us. So you can go to your fancy women, the whores who would suck a rabid dick for money, but remember this, I made you who you are. Without me, you can’t believe in what you are or what you can become. I made sacrifices so that you can get ahead.

Remember, how talented I was. I brought tears in your eyes with my singing Danny boy, remember the first time we saw each other. You said my voice was like an angel. But you told me I needed to work to support us. So I worked hard, Danny boy 2 jobs, 3 jobs sometimes so that we save enough money for you. I fed you and your kids so that you can be free of worries and build your empire. How many times you lost our money, no MY money in one of your quick-rich schemes? But I loved you Danny boy, and I stood by you and worked hard for you! But now your dream has come true you want to discard me like last week’s used condom? I won’t allow it Danny boy, NO WAY!!

What happened to us? Remember how we used to whisper at night? How we said we would conquer the world, you said I was your Bonnie, Danny boy, remember that? You were my king and I was your Queen. We can still have that can’t we Danny boy? You used to call me you good luck charm. I can still be that. Your white dove.

Danny boy? DANNY! Do you hear DANNY BOY?”

Almost like she has woken up from a dream, she turns towards him and suddenly notices the red around he; at first not comprehending what it was. Danny boy was sprawled on the bed a look of mocking amusement on his face, almost like he was daring her. His abdomen on the other hand was the total opposite of the calmness of his face, a storm of flesh ribbons decorating the bed.

She looked at the bloody knife still clutched in her hands in puzzlement wondering how it had gotten into her hands. .

Light fades.

Wailing begins.

© aisha ali