It’s On These Nights

It’s on these nights that;
I long for you,
That I want you beside me,
It’s on these nights……………..

It’s on these nights that are cold;
I feverishly long for your embrace,
So that I may stop shaking from this cold.
A kiss from your tenderly imagined lips,
To stop the tremor in mine.

It’s on these nights that e dark;
I pray for your hand to hold mine’
So that no matter how dark it may get,
I’m comforted by the security of your presence
And my path lit by the love we feel for each other.

It’s on these nights that I’m broken;
I want so much to be held by you,
To let my tears flow freely,
As I shamelessly rest my head on your chest
And listen to you say it will be okay,
As I feel your hands on my face
Wiping away my tears.

It’s on these nights that I’m scared of tomorrow;
That I need you to look at me
And tell me I can make it;
As you remind me of how strong I am.
I want to see that look in your eyes;
That look that makes me believe.

It’s on these nights that I’m happy;
That I hope to be next to you,
So that my song you may join
To make an amazing duet.
My dance to enrich
To complete the tango,
As we celebrate the happy moment together.

It’s on these nights that are beautiful;
That I want to walk with you
In light of the moon,
Where nothing else matters
But our deepest feelings.
On these nights that we stare into each others eyes
And find comfort in each other.

It’s on these nights that are silent;
That I want you to be with me,
As we turn a deaf ear to all the sounds around
And listen to our hearts speak,
Let our souls unite,
As we wallow in the silence our silence
Where all we can hear is us

It’s on these nights that we find ourselves apart,
Separated by distance that we can’t defy
Circumstances and situations beyond our control
That brings about fear for loneliness
But I pray that on these nights I will find the courage to be on my own
And find all the company I desire in myself

© valarie achieng