Mine are the eyes that have  learnt to see,
the tears in the eyes of others,
but don’t look at me,
because I will shy away,
for I not been taught how to show my tears.

Mine are the ears that have learnt to listen,
to the pain of those that require an audience,
but don’t give me your ears,
because my mouth will not open,
for I have not learnt the art of sharing my pain.

Mine are the hands that have learnt to hold and embrace,
the cold and lost who need a little warmth;
a hand to guide them in this darkness,
but don’t extend your hands to me,
for I have taught myself how to find my own warmth and light.

Mine is the heart that gives,
to the broken and those who need some love,
but don’t give me your heart,
for I fear u might get hurt,

because my heart has not  yet learnt how to receive.

Mine is the mouth that has learnt to sing,
to the duets, trios ,quotets  and choirs of other people’s music,
but don’t join my song,
for my own I sing in the privacy of my heart,
where none but me knows the lyrics.

Mine is the writing that tells stories,
of others who wish for them to be known,
but I beg u not to write my story,
for mine is a library reserved only to a few,
who dare to look beyond the surface,
for it is a story understood by only a few

© Valarie Achieng