Dear Love,
You bring peace to me but you want to fly away like a dove.
I wish to once again hold you in my arm,
For you brought unto me peace and calm.
And every time I sat with you, my heart was content,
Now every time I see you I’ll feel nothing but contempt.

Our attraction is what sets us apart,
Being apart just rips my heart.
Please understand that I do not hate you,
But I have to stay away from you lest I hurt you.

We made a decision to strive for power,
Then come back to nurture our love, our little flower
But the deal went and got sour,
And now we’ll never see the hour.

I hope you don’t forget me as you continue living,
And our short lived moments of heaven.
I’ll always remember the moment you left
And how good our last kiss felt,
How you made my insides melt,
Lost my balance and there I knelt,
Began missing you as the distance between grew.

I’ll remember how the world separated us cruelly
And the warm tears flowing down the face of yours truly

© Arthur mbuguah