I promised to serve

I promised to love

Just like a lover

Loving you forever

I promised to serve.

I promised to be there

I dedicated to be here

I Will always be near

No matter when or where

I promised to be there.

I promised to understand

I dedicated my stand

With lifted hands

I promised to understand.

I promised to care

Never to stare

With love bare

The cross of those I’m aware

I promised to care

So even today,

Wounded i lay

when being there is not enough

When understanding taken as oblivion

When care has been thwarted

Still i give you my word

The very word

Its all about you

Not about me.

I’m but a piece of clay

Willing to serve each day

The weakness i portray

Your strength made perfect in every way

I know i will cry as much as I’ll laugh

Be weak just as I’m strong

Fail even as i succeed

Still i will fulfill my promises.

© sarah n.