I sit here missing and thinking about you
Wondering how you are and all

I’m deeply buried in solitude
Carrying on with this craze feeling
That transcends humanity

I’m sitting here holding your picture
The smiling beauty
Enchanted warmth with isolated hiccups
It’s but only thing about you
That I can cling on at the moment
Hoping that it’s passing my feelings over
And making you see me
As I’m seeing you in my heart

My dear, your picture can’t talk to me
It just stands like a statue
Carved out of a soapstone, that it smiles permanently
I can only think that you are also in my world
Sharing my feelings, emotions, tears and empty smiles

But when we meet, we look at each other
With an ostentation hatred
Coupled with pregnant silence
That it looks and feels like a graveyard

Though I love and want you
Would die and breathe for you,
I still feel an empty loneliness a suspicious hatred
Like an empty hollow log
Exhaling from your heart, mind and soul

© mburu kamau