I saw her in my dreams,
Light colored and crimson lips.
The smoothest, darkest hair she had,
thinking about her now drives me mad.
Blood flow faster, my heart beat hard
Blood start boiling, my manhood hard
Lame I’d always been with the ladies,
And never had one to call my baby.
Her on the other hand, had been good in relationships,
But tonight had no captain for her ship.
Approached me seeing no one by my side,
Calmly said ‘Hi’ and spiced it with a wink of an eye,
Saw I was shy, Told me to be calm and just enjoy the ride.
She put her hand on my chest as if to straighten my tuxedo
My face bent over and she asked me to be her hero.
I pulled back and looked across the room.
She said”Whoever you’re looking for wont come anytime soon”
But I was just regaining my composure
Because my blood was boiling over
That’s when I looked into her eyes, Those big brown eyes
Then put my lips and hers into union,
Left the rest to oblivion.

© arthur mbugua