It was my first time. She had done it before. She was going to be my teacher. We proceeded to undress, and then we kissed and got into position. When I entered her she exhaled so loudly I figured that she must definitely be in pain and if she hadn’t insisted I go on, I would have stopped there and then.

Anyway, I was inside and I didn’t know how to proceed but then she showed me how to do the in and out pumping motion. I was slow at first but then I picked up the pace after she screamed “do it faster”.  She started gritting her teeth and shouting obscenities all the while pushing her body hard against mine. I thought I was hurting her so I stopped. She didn’t seem to like that because she slapped me and hurled further obscenities my way. ‘Sex must be very complicated’, I thought. Here was a person who was clearly not enjoying it but still wanted to go through with it as if it was an obligation. So we continued and the faster I did it the louder she became and the deeper she dug her nails into my back. Suddenly her face became contorted and she started screaming that she was coming and her body started bucking like a horse’s.

She went quiet after that and then started moaning softly and talking to herself. After some time she thanked me and told me that she’d had such a great time but I knew she was lying. She had to be. To be honest that woman really suffered but I have to hand it to her, she hid it well. I’ll consult widely before we do it next time because I want her to take as much pleasure as she can from the whole experience.

© james wamathai