I look upon the ages and the years that I am turning.
I never made the money nor the fame, am still yearning.
I have been through a lot but my mind is still learning.
The fire that’s the fuel for my will is still burning.

But every step I take its like my path is getting steeper.
The rivers of my consciousness are still running deeper.
And every time am running am racing the grim reaper.
The devil’s getting richer and my soul is getting cheaper.

They wanna call the shots but ad rather be the shotter.
Ad rather make a future for my son and daughter.
Cos every time am cool the situation gets hotter.
They wanna tie my hands n feet n lead me to the slaughter.

To me its more than music its the rhythm of my soul, man.
Am versatile with different strokes like Gary Coleman.
Life is a drama, I just try to play my role, man.
Spiritual and intellectual flow for all man.

I rhyme as if am made of it. Spit as if am paid for it.
Write with so much passion like am kissed and getting laid 4 it.
Take it to the level I perceive it is the day of it.
Made it my religion so I fast and even pray for it.

She’s in rage with my wage she wants a man with a salary.
She wants her features on the pictures on the gallery.
My soul wants to dismember me,
knowing that I gave my all but she’ll not even remember me.

And after all is done, they will look upon this son.
They’ll point fingers in the air like they r mimicking a gun.
And a voice shall speak, a visible sign to the eye, and a final revelation…

I am number one!

© jemedari