Does God really exist or are we just fear full to accept that there is no life after death so we keep telling others “be good” or you will never see the gates of heaven but we ourselves are not even sure that this sanctuary exists as none of our acquaintances have ever returned to tell us the pros and cons of each of their experiences.

My good friend once told me that he says that he believes in God just to be on the safe side because if he is real then come judgment day he wouldn’t have to worry because he didn’t denounce him but what my friend doesn’t really know is that he mocked his name and forgets that you cant have a relationship with him by just calling out his name.

The heart of the matter is that we tend to say many things just to be on the safe side but we don’t believe in their worth and are usually aimed at improving our own self image instead of the betterment of everyone. For example, everyone who works knows for a fact that there will be a cheque waiting for them at the end of each month and they do everything in their power to ensure that nothing hinders its arrival. Now imagine that if everybody believed that God will always be there for them just as they strongly believe that a cheque will be waiting for them at the end of each month, mankind would be enjoying a good life throughout his life on earth and in heaven.

But the tricky part is that God is not like a cheque in fact you won’t see him and you won’t even realize he’s there unless you believe in him. God gives us hope to make it through each challenge. He will neither call you and tell you that your prayer has arrived nor send you a message to tell you that he will look into your problem. We doubt whether he is doing his job and because of this doubt we fail to see the good that is there within us. Churches are entrusted with the responsibility of building our faith but they are fast losing their moral values by becoming money-making outfits instead of preaching the word of God. They are busy lecturing us on how it is crucial to give and tithe amply telling you that it will make you a better Christian and truthfully it wont because money can’t buy you a ticket to heaven, it his how you lived and treated your fellow beings when you were living that will. That’s why I’m not enthusiastic of the modern churches.

It is said that the heart is the temple of the lord and it is so strong that no one can take it away from you and no one can change how it feels except you so it is true to say that you don’t require an intermediary to talk to your God you can speak to him directly as he is the only true friend who wont let you down for example even when your cheque bounces or something unexpected happens his name is the first thing you call out and do you know why? It is because irrespective of all our flaws he is the only one who sees us for who we truly are.

© edward gichuho