I write poetry inspired by you,
I draw sketches in my mind of you.
I speak of you like am preaching the gospel,
forever I am under your spell.

I dream of evening walks with you
and the dreamy talks with you.
I miss your smile, love your style.
For you I go that extra mile.

You soothe my pain,
complement my strain,
relax my chains and replenish my veins.

And I worship your good heart, am blessed by your smile and crave for your love.
I lie faithless but you give me something to believe in.
I lie breathless but you give me the strength to breathe in.
I inhale your greatness and exhale kindness,
you are my sight in blindness.

As is written in the books I so spiritually have a following…
Before you, none. With you, you’re the one.
After you, there shall be none. . .

Anubis’ right hand is I.
And as he, so do I see my Isis in thee.
Forever yours.

© jemedari