I lost it to break free of the heavy shackles

Chaining my legs together

I lost it to snap apart the weak hair strand

Caught in barbed wire

I lost it to find fulfilment from another person’s

Finding it

I lost it to be found so I wouldn’t be alone

With my mind.

In a nest of eggs I lost it

I crushed the shells when I lost it

Not once did I lose it

But twice, thrice

Over and over

Pounding and pounding

Pestle over mortar

Tearing the meshwork

That held it together

Ripping the seams

That held it together.

But I cut off my feet instead of the shackles

And I lost my whole head instead of the hair strand

And the person that found it lost it to another

And I lost my mind while trying to lose it.

© Claudette oduor