I sit in a matatu

Heading home after a night of comfort

Comfort that followed a difficult week

You are missed Rojo.

Smile at the day ahead

Promise of smiles, laughs and memories of a great man

Log into Facebook, typical


Michelle K. Magoma

‘I’ve missed that beautiful lady’.

Something’s wrong.

That’s not her update.


No, Chichy, no. You can’t have.

Not now.

Not yet.

A tear wells in my eye.

I fake a yawn.

I look up.

Kange taps my shoulder

I give him what I owe him.

Look back down and go to your profile.

Look at the picture.

No, Chichy. No.

Fake another yawn.

Alight from the mat.

It’s a five minute zombie walk home.

Look towards the sky:

“I’m sure you’ll let me understand sometime.”


Cold shower.

No need to fake the yawns

Watch the tear-stained water wash down the drain

Dress up

One last look at myself in the mirror before I leave

She’s standing behind me

Her head resting on my shoulder

“I’ll miss you Chichy.”

She doesn’t respond;

Gently squeezes my shoulder

And walks away.

I look at myself.

Into myself.

‘You need to go out there man, you need to be strong.’

One last whisper, hoping she’ll hear:

“I miss you Chichy.”

© marcus olang