I met a man with no name
As I was walking down my Nothing Street
You know- the one where nothing exists??
He flagged me down with his hand
And looked as if he wanted to chat
But I, feeling confused and conflicted
Knew for a fact that
I wasn’t at all whatsoever interested
So I gave him a weak smile
Polite courtesies, they call it
That lasted for little less than a while
And I began to move on…
In hopes to get to my journeys end
But this stranger jumped and held my hand
And I could not help but stop
And look back
He begged me with his smile
Which unlike mine was genuinely wide
And I could not help but stop
And stare back
At this stranger beside me on nothing street

‘pardon me for my rudeness
But you seem to be lost.” He said
I can see it in your eyes
And feel it in your thoughts
You walk with the poise of a girl misplaced
And I couldn’t help but notice
The weariness in your feelings that’s laced
The trudge of your feet
shows of the conflict within
your inner battles between you and them
though you know not who them be
and I can see from your tear stained face
that you once beheld beauty and grace
but the world has torn you down
turned that lovely smile to a frown.
So take my hand, let me through
Be your friend and guide you through
Your journey’s end”

I stare back in disbelief
At the man down on nothing street
I stare back in shock and disbelief
Who the hell does he think he is??
to try and tell me who I am within??
To tear me apart piece by piece
And tell me the truth I dread to hear??
Who the hell does he think he is
This man down on nothing street??
I am not that broken and bruised
To make myself seem all that confused
I am not beaten and torn
To make him think me tired and worn
i think I am still going strong
depending on my wit and my instinct to move on
I think I still got my strength
To keep me keeping on
I doubt I am sure enough
That I can make it through on my own
I doubt I am wise enough
To help me get far beyond where I want to go
I know I am deprived of hope
Seeking for grace
And begging for salvation
And in my thought I find myself on my knees
In front of the man with no name
Down on nothing street

and He shall take my hand this man
and lift me up from me knees
and He shall wipe the tears from my face
touch my broken heart
and leave behind no trace
and He shall take away the pain
not forgetting the guilt and the shame
and He shall call me by my name
with His gentle still voice
and I shall look up and in His face
I shall see compassion and grace
and His voice shall administer love
and His touch, grace
and I shall be healed and made whole
and my nothing shall be turned
into something
all done for me for free at no fee
by this man with no name
down on my now Something Street.

© murugi kagotho