Dear innocent Switcheeks{you will be nicknamed that three years from now on} First of all, can you loose those geeky specs before you start reading this, because the older you is way cooler now. Lets not beat around the bush here, am a guinea pig in a Time Traveling kind of experiment that’s why I’ve traveled back in time. Twelve years to be exact ki Hiro style{just work with me here it’s a series called Heroes you will get addicted to with time}I bet right now your reading some shitty Sweet Valley High novels instead of playing outside with other kids. That will never change, you’re still going to be a bookworm, but playing with big boys will still be a hobby, just a different kind of play especially when you reach sweet sixteen and discover the twins in front of your chest.

Right now your still Daddy’s princess and all A student, good in math, want to do accounting just like Daddy kind of girl, aye? Guess what sweetness, your hormones will get the best of you, three years from now (sixteen will be one hell of a year for you) and you’ll choose a different path that will make Daddy so mad, so brace yourself. I know this is a lot to take in right now for you, so let me soften it abit and give you some good news. You know that bitch whose making your life a living hell right now, wait for it…wait for it..wait for it.. She’s going to be all chubby, with two kids twelve years from now, and go all bitter on life. That sneer she has on will become permanent like a tattoo. Speaking of tattoos, the compass things your drawing now on your arm are so twelve years ago, your body will be your canvas and ink will be your new best friend*ululation moment* anyway I digress, back to mean bitch, that hot brother of hers that you so have a major crush on right now, well well well, his going to be your first boyfriend when you turn sixteen, it will be the best two years of your life, until you break his heart and do something stupid which I will let you find out for yourself.

Dad is about to transfer you to some British Curriculum school this year, so no more msongesho na kati na ice za bob saa ya break. Your going to be a punk for the next few years, ama should I say Barbie, since that’s the sheng I think you understand. Prom night will be the best night you will ever have*insert naughty wink here*.I wish you could avoid the Arab/Italian desk mate you will sit next to in the last year of school, He will turn you to be a very bad girl, thankfully your asthma will get worse, so that will prevent you from taking drugs(sigh of relief) but you will fall stupidly in love with him, ran away from home and dad will hunt him down and almost kill him and send you to Kazakhstan or some remote country like that. Don’t worry, mum will intervene, but your relationship with dad will never be the same again. Though try as much as possible now to be close to Dad, treasure every moment you have with him now, since you wont have much time to make up for the stupid things you did.

Hate to break it to you, but you’re still not married to some Spanish Alejandro and living in a remote island somewhere with two kids, a good man is hard to find. You’re still being bullied, aye? Not to fret, your going to metamorph into a pretty little butterfly when you turn sixteen(sixteen is so your year) Just don’t join that rock band and cut your hair and dye it all red, mum will so kill you. But the book reading will pay off, you’ll turn out to be a good poet, get paid for it for sometime, then get tired of it. Men will break your heart honey and you will become one ice cold queen. Anyway you will learn a lot, cry a lot, laugh a lot and mature a lot. Life will toughen you up, so enjoy your childhood now while you can. Gotta go back and do the future thing hon.. Your Flashforward self, Switcheeks

P.S: Burn the secret diary you’ll have when you reach seventeen. Mum will find it and almost send you to a convent. And oh when dad discovers you don’t go for Sunday tuition, but rather jam sessions at F2, play dumb, act a fool, but just don’t admit it. You will be grounded for life on weekends

P.Ss: Tampons will be your friend once you get acquainted with Mr. Johnny so don’t fear them so much right now

P.Ssest: The internet will ruin your life, social sites like Facebook and Twitter are to be avoided at all costs. Stick to Yahoo and Gmail for the sake of good social behavior