(Read Part I here)

Last thing she said wuz ‘please’,
then my pain she proceeded to ease.
But thats just the start of the end,
so let me begin where the story’s start lends.

Eyes meet in fire, hearts beating with an urgency dire!
Loins longing to sire yet still held back by words through a wire.
Disconnect the devices to reconnect in person,
arms embrace in tight fashion, bodies crying with passion ready for action…

Rendezvous point unknown tho needing,
we find a spot unseen by kneeling,
I speak of ears on walls and ceilings,
she hushes my worry with promise of healing…

Sounds of hums which turn into drums like thunder.
Pushes aside shyness and lets me tear her asunder.
She stands above me towering, her tear clouds showering,
buds needing to burst into flowering.

Moving into rythm,
her eyes my prism
as I seek her rainbow
hoping she lets the pain go…

Pen to paper as I write my word,
pen bleeds on paper as she twists my world,
hearts racing as the message is written
then we lie under the moon both poetry smitten.

Says the poetry wuz so nice she read it thrice!
And the fourth would be both untimely n unwize.
Stares at the paper in awe,
says ‘correction, not thrice but four!’

Tells me she loves how I write with rage
and promises al see her when I next get on stage.

Says I must write again before she leaves.
I say I wouldn’t want her convenience deceased.
For in her interest I must cease,
and then she said ‘Please…’

© jemedari