She walks in, smelling heavenly.
I could sense her from the door
and I swear I was turned on to the core.
She has my thoughts flooding like a tap,
watching her fingers move on her lap.

Full of class
as she reaches out, her full lips gently kissing the brim of her glass.
Then she turns her body upon the swivel chair,
her neckline so seductively holding her pair.
She takes off her coat as I stand n walk towards the mic.

Each word makes her blink and each verse makes her shift uneasy in her chair.
I add some flair and she touches her hair.
I pose like Elvis and she grinds her pelvis.
I wave my hand as she arches her back.
I sit and she attentively leans forward.

I speak and she kisses every word as she opens her mind and lets me into her thoughts.
I move, she moves.
Am in my zone, she moans.
Then we both rise and rise till we both burst into sensual poetic orgasm!!
I thank the audience, she fans herself.

Our heartbeats slow down.
We both wipe the sweat off our brow.
We smile, she walks up to the stage and in my palm she drops a dime,
winks and tells me, ‘lets do this again sometime…’

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© jemedari