Speechless as not much could be said,
seeing the sparkle in her eyes as the breeze caught her braids.
Black tweed jacket and short skirt was the catch,
heels and a red scarf and earrings to match.
I stood my stance
trying to throw a glance at her figure doing its dance
but I had no chance. Her stride left me in a trance
and my guts went into a fit of dance…

Spoke like music, put her hand out 4 mine to fuse it
and if there ever was temptation, her eyes oozed it!
Forward step into warm embrace as my will is tied to her brace.
Unknown my destination as I swim in her grace.

Fragrance enchanting my being,
clouds covering what I was seeing..
Sets the scene with a smile,
lingers 4 a while leaving me with intention so vile!

Speaks of a moment of music and drink,
then my thoughts she will probably think
but I shouldn’t be on the brink…
On to the acquaintance of her peers, smiles that seem like jeers,
yet I compose, calming my fears.

Leaves with a fleeting hug,
unknown how her actions to my imagination tug,
and my attention she steals as a thug.

Off in the distance she fades,
am left to glance as she wades,
this Isis- this being of Hades!
Goddamn she stirs my world…
With nothing but her word.

© jemedari